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Is Your Insurance Claim Rejected or Underpaid?

Insurance Claim

Insurance Claim

Insurance Claim

Medical Insurance Claim

Insurance Claim


Inso Claims is a initiative by Insoquotient Pvt limited that provides consultation and legal support for any insurance claims related matters. It is a simple, user-friendly platform that helps customers lodge their complaints and get a resolution within a stipulated time frame. 

Our team of experienced insurance consultants and insurance lawyers helps in resolving your insurance claims-related complaints.


Our aim is to provide you with an insurance claims support service that is reliable and easy to use. We are committed to providing you with the best possible service and helping you get your claim.

Inso Claims, one of India's leading digital platform for insurance grievance support for insurance grievance Redressal, is leading the way in this regard.

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Our Practice Area


Insurance Claims Consultation

Motor Insurance Consultation

Health Insurance Consultation

Auto Insurance Consultation

Marine Insurance Consultation

Personal Insurance Consultation


Insurance Attorney

Motor Insurance Attorney

Personal Injury Attorney

Medical/Health Insurance Attorney

Life/Term Insurance Attorney

Fire Insurance Attorney

Home Insurance Attorney


Our Expertise


Insurance Claim Denied, rejected, or underpaid

Medical Insurance Claim rejected

Auto/Motor Insurance rejected

General Insurance Claim rejected

Liability Insurance Claim rejected

Property Insurance Claims 

Fire Insurance Claims

Health Insurance Claims rejected


Insurance Fraud

Auto Insurance Fraud

Car Insurance Fraud

Vehicle Insurance Fraud

Health Insurance Fraud

Fake Insurance Claim

Policy mis-selling


Insurance Policy lapse or
Delay in Claim Process

Delay in Car insurance Reimbursement

Delay in Health insurance Reimbursement

Delay in Motor claim  Reimbursement

Life Insurance policy lapse

Auto/Motor Insurance policy lapse

Theft Insurance Claim


Insurance Claim Process

Business Meeting

1. Get in Touch with us



Download Our "Inso-Quotient App" or Call us on +91-9355655699

3. Share Your Documents


Share copies of case relevant documents with us through App

5. Case Confirmation

We will confirm your case qualifies our criteria. Upon confirmation you are required to pay 599 + GST per case through InsoQuotient App.

7. Claim Resolved


Once the claim is resolved, we shall charge and be entitled to a success fees commission @ 11% + GST from you.

2. Registration


Fill your details and Register

Yourself with Our App as a customer.

4. Case Study

Reviewing your documents by our expert team, We give a patient hearing to your grievances 

6. Track your insurance Claim progress with Inso-Quotient app


Once case is registered in our app. Our team will start working on your case. Meanwhile you can track your claim status on our app.

Free Consultation

Case Analysis by legal experts

Faster Insurance Settlement

Get a free estimate

Our Clients Review


The Process to apply for the claim through the Inso-Quotient app is Quick and Easy. Thanks InsoClaims for better customer experience.

Veer Vikram Singh

Our Experts

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