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INSO CLAIMS (An initiative by Inso Quotient Pvt Ltd) is backed by highly experienced and professional team. The promoter and team is having more than 13 years of experience of handling Insurance Fraud, Insurance Claim Management and Financial Fraud and served almost all the major players in the Insurance.

The insurance claim process can be a lengthy and frustrating one. But thanks to insoclaim, you can now resolve your insurance claim digitally.

With insoclaim, you can upload all the necessary documents and information online, and receive a decision on your claim quickly and easily. So say goodbye to the hassle of the insurance claim process, and hello to a more streamlined and efficient way of doing things.

Insurance claims can be a complex and time-consuming process, but insoclaim is here to help. We're a combination of experts and technology that work together to streamline the insurance claim process. We're here to help you get the coverage you need and deserve.


Insoclaims is a digital platform that enables policyholders to file and track insurance claims online. The platform is powered by advanced technology that connects insurers, policyholders, and service providers, allowing for a seamless claims experience.

With Insoclaims, policyholders can submit claims Document anytime, anywhere. The platform also allows claimants to upload supporting documents and track the status of their claim in real-time. Moreover, Insoclaims provides a hassle-free way for policyholders to resolve their claims, as it eliminates the need to chase down insurance adjusters or service providers.

If you're looking for a simpler and more efficient way to file and track your insurance claims, Insoclaims is the answer. Try it today and see how easy and seamless the claims process can be!

INSO CLAIMS is a technology based platform to facilitate customers in resolving insurance related grievances in India. INSO CLAIMS' Team is your guide and adviser to keep safe your hard earned money from fake marketers and get your justified insurance claims. INSO CLAIMS' Team consists of highly experienced and trained professional specialized in insurance risk and claim tasks. Most of the team members have more than decades of experience handling, insurance claim management for topmost insurance companies. INSO CLAIMS' team working for the development of the insurance industry by removing the unwanted hurdles and re-instating the faith of consumer in the insurance sector. The INSO CLAIMS' team members drawn from various different walks of life like sales, IT, legal, technological and social activities who possess special knowledge and interest in the insurance sector. Our Team gives a thorough study to your each case or grievances and come up with the best guidance and support suited to your insurance grievances or issue.


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