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10 things to consider before filing car insurance claim

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

When we face an accident, the first thing we check is how much damage is done to the vehicle. Losses hurt us both emotionally and financially. Emotionally we recover with the passage of time, but financially, if we don't act smartly we have to pay the damages out of our pocket.

Insurance companies usually look for certain loopholes to avoid paying the claim.

But if you are aware of some key points, you can keep your position strong for your insurance claim.

Here are 10 important things to remember before making an insurance claim.

1. Collect visual evidence

If possible click some pictures and videos of the incident. This type of evidence can come in handy when making an insurance claim. Having a dash camera in your car, can also find the all-important cause of an accident. And may prove valuable in the end.

2. Note down all important information

Along with collecting visual evidence, you should also note down some basic information. i.e., The other party car number, their insurance policy number, and the number of the insurer. Name, address and contact no. of witnesses, date and time of incident and any other relevant details.

3.Register an FIR in the local police station

Be sure to inform the local police station about the accident. Police will collect all the important evidence on the spot. If a third party is involved in the accident, the police will identify fault of either party.

4. Inform the insurance company

Be sure to notify the responsible party's insurance company about the accident. The sooner the insurance company is informed about the accident, the quicker they will start their proceedings.

5. Don't leave the crash site

If you leave the accident site you may be held liable for the incident. This could lead to the claim being rejected, your driving license revoked, and at worst jailed for your action. If anyone gets injured in an accident. Try giving him medical help. And stay in the same place till the whole investigation is over.

6. Never Apologizes

If you apologize for the incident, you will raise problems for yourself. This statement can be used by the insurer to deny your claim. And in third party cases, this statement may avoid you from paying for damages.

7. Stay calm

Our position plays an important role in this type of situation. If we lose our cool and do something we shouldn't, chances are we are creating trouble for ourselves.

8.Get an Experienced Lawyer

Before you file a case with MACT, you should take advice from experienced lawyers. He will guide in dealing with the post-incident court process.

9. follow up the whole process

It is very important to follow the whole process right from receiving a call from an insurer or receiving a call from a third-party insurer. You may also have to visit the insurance company's office and attend court sessions for legal proceedings. You can also take the help of an experienced lawyer to guide you through the process.

10. Insurance denied is not the end

You may think that denial of an insurance claim is the end of the conflict but it is not. If you believe that your claim was true and damages should have been compensated. You can always take the help of insurance claims experts at Insoclaims. Here we have a legal team of insurance claims experts who help in recover of rejected insurance claims of common people.

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