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Policy Rejection or Lapse

There can be various reasons like delay in payment, Payment bouncing which leads to loss of coverage. Don't Worry.......Read More

Delay in Claim Process

It was said by Willam E.Gladstone that ''justice delayed is justice denied ''. Insurance amount is the most needed money needed money in your hard time..... Read More


Claim Scam

It might to possible that you fall prey in an insurance claim scam. It seems that some fraudulent people by forging documents with the fake....... Read More

Claim Denied or Underpaid

Insurance Claims is a specialized subject and any mistake at any stage may lead to claims rejection also. The Claim Settlement Ratio is an...........Read More


The next time you get a call from scruples marketers, be on your guards. Fraudsters posing as the employee of the Insurance Regulator........Read More

Mis-selling by fake Marketers

It is no suprise to see that out of an average 3 lakhs complaints filled on insurance per year, more than 50% are on misselling......Read More

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